Ethereumto upgarde as soon as January 16

Ethereum upgrade


The meeting currently held in Github suggested two dates for the upgarde of Ethereum Hard Fork Update Constantinople in January 2019. The update is agreed to be happened within the mid of January by most of the core developer which is after holiday season.

Among  which January 16 is the date given by most of the core developer. One of the core developer said about the timeline:

If this is a viable option (can’t completely judge the overall effort needed to get this in place + communicate this), I would like to make the following adopted  timeline suggestion:

December 10th (Monday), 2018:

Start  a new PoW testnet, deprecate Ropsten.

January 16th (Wednesday), 2019:

Fork on the new testnet.

February 12th (Tuesday), 2019:

Fork on mainnet.


If the upgrade is successful, constantinople will come up with five Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIP) as follows:

  1. EIP 145: Introduces Native bitwise shifting instructions which are more efficient for processing transactions on the network
  2. EIP 1218: Allows blocks to be directly aware of block hashes much older than the current hash
  3. EIP 1014: to implement scaling based upon state channels and off-chain transactions
  4. EIP 1052: optimizes large-scale code execution on the network
  5. EIP 1283: proposes the reduction of excessive gas costs where it does not match how most implementation works.

Reaction of  Market

With the declaration of a conceivable date for the Constantinople hard fork, financial specialists and brokers can indeed get amped up for ETH in the business sectors. Ethereum is at present exchanging at $211 and down not exactly a rate point over the most recent 24 hours. As more financial specialists get twist of the likelihood of a mid 2019 redesign, we could see an expansion in incentive for the King of Smart Contracts: otherwise called Ethereum.

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